90 godina iskustva je utkano je svuda oko Vas

Welcome to the website of GOŠA MONTAŽA AD.

Here you will find extensive information about our company, projects and references.  

The company GOŠA MONTAŽA AD originates from the Serbian-French joint stock company which was established in 1923. GOŠA MONTAŽA AD had gone through various phases of transformation until May 25th, 2006 when the company was successfully privatised with more than 78 % of shares belonging to the Employee Consortium.

GOŠA MONTAŽA AD has more than 96 years of experience in erection of various equipment, pipelines and all types of steel structures as well as 26 years of experience in the field of production. Complete range of services consists of designing and technical documentation elaboration, fabrication of equipment, pipelines and all types of steel structures, erection, maintenance and renting of transportation means and mechanization.

96 years of experience are recognizable in almost all important facilities within the region through bridges, cement plants, metallurgical industry, food industry and process industry. All around the world, GOŠA MONTAŽA AD has carried out works on all continents except Australia which brings GOŠA MONTAŽA AD among the leaders in both domestic and foreign markets.

GOŠA MONTAŽA AD made its name for most in the energetic sector through fabrication and erection projects for hydro power plants, thermal power plants, surface and underground mines, oil industry.

Currently, GOŠA MONTAŽA AD conducts the business by implementing Integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001). The complete process from designing to erection has been in line with norms EN ISO 3834-2, PED 97/23/EC and EN 1090-2