90 godina iskustva je utkano je svuda oko Vas

Current projects

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Goša Montaža performed works in period 2011/2012 simultaneously in two largest investment projects in Republic of Serbia:

Pančevo Oil Refinery Modernization project

Kostolac Thermal power plant, unit B2 overhauling

Besides stated, mentioning significant projects in Serbia, Goša Montaža also participates in:

Reconstruction of 4 units                                            HPP Bajina Bašta

Ash slurry system replacement                             TPP Kostolac

Reconstruction of PEVG factory PF section           HIP Petrohemija Pančevo

Demi water system for MHC DHT                      Rafinerija Nafte Pančevo

Kostolac Thermal power plant, unit B2 overhauling

Goša Montaža participated through:

dismantling of 1270 t

shop drawing elaboration, production and erection of 1360 tons of steel structure and equiment leaning solely on its own resources, honoring contractual dead lines.

Pančevo Oil Refinery Modernization project

Capability of Goša Montaža to provide round up service is best pictured through successes in Pančevo Oil Refinery Modernization project in scope of:

Shop drawing elaboration, production and delivery more than 6000 tons of steel structure

Erection of 6500 tons of steel structure

Flare erection consisted of 230 t weight, 141m height in 51 day

Installation of 1750 t of pipelines, fabrication and delivery of 55 t of supports, welding more than 48 000 WDI (3800 m) joints

Installation of more than 25 km of steam tracing