90 godina iskustva je utkano je svuda oko Vas

Bridges and cranes


After World War II, in 1945, GOŠA was called to save and rebuild Sava Railway Bridge. On this occasion, over 2 000 tons of steel structure was saved and this is considered a beginning of GOŠA MONTAŽA bridge building era all over former Yugoslavia and region.

On Belgrade – Bar railway only, 7 bridges was erected in total length of more that 2 km.

In 1977, for erection of Mratinje bridge on Piva River, GOŠA MONTAŽA won EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR STRUCTURAL STEELWORK, and this project was considered as most impressive that year.

Similar as 1945, in 1999 after NATO bombing, GOŠA MONTAŽA was called once again to reconstruct demolished bridges in extremely short terms. 7 of them was brought back in function in record keeping time, building in Goša Montaža’s knowledge and experience in Grdelica, Jasika, Podine,  Rudare, Varvarin, Kovin. As largest of all projects, cooperating with German company DSD, “Sloboda Bridge” in Novi Sad was reconstructed.


Starting as auxiliary program for hydro mechanical equipment, various cranes were erected. Today, this program expanded in numerous reconstructions changing span, capacities, class

Bridges and cranes