90 godina iskustva je utkano je svuda oko Vas

Rotary equipment

Along with Hydro mechanical equipment program, more than five decades we have developing Rotary equipment program. We have gathered vast experience with water turbines as well as all types of pumps reconstruction, overhauling and maintenance over the time. 

Hydro power plant Bajina Bašta

Reversible hydro power plant Bajina Bašta

Hydro power plant Zvornik

Energetika Kragujevac

From projects around the world, we would like to emphasize the erection in NGI Kirkuk, Irak.

Recent projects:

2002. A3 unit overhauling HP Zvornik, Mali Zvornik

2003. A-2 unit, HP Međuvršje

2004. RHE Bajina Bašta

2006. HE Potpeć

2008. HP ZVORNIK- unit A1 i A2 overhauling

2009. A1,A2 units overhauling in Ovčar Banja

2009. – 2013. Reconstruction of all 4 units in HE Bajina Bašta

2015 – 2019 Rehabilitation of 4 Units in HE Zvornik

For decades, Goša Montaža is present in maintenance water system of Serbia rendering services of overhauling, reconstruction of rotary equipment on pumping stations such as Bezdan, Bogojevo, Žabalj.

Rotary equipment