90 godina iskustva je utkano je svuda oko Vas

Reference list for works performed in cement plants


Works description

2001. Reconstruction and Adaptation of Dopol tower
2003 Production and installation of furnace bearing structure elements, tunnel roof reinforcement, production of new air pipeline, furnace car & installation of new tunnel insulation.
2003 Replacement of masut distribution pipeline with accessory heating from clinker cooler to raw material mill.
2003 Mechanical works on clinker silo construction.
2003 Overhaul of bucket conveyor: dismounting of bucket, old chain, erection of new buckets and new chain.
2004 Replacement of furnace & furnace pipes extension.
2004 Reconstruction of pipeline for masut, steam, condensate & heating.
2004 Removal of wagon loading steel structure.
2004 Overhaul of air turboseparator in cement mill.
2005 Replacement of cyclone pipes in cyclones  of 1st & 2nd degree on heat exchanger (DOPOL-u)
2005 Production and erection of platform on furnace stack.
2006 Works on satelite colers.
2006 Reinforcement of tracks on reversibile transporter in raw material store.
2006 Production and replacament of feeding pipeline.
2007 Replacement of furnace burner parts.
2007 Production, delivery, and installation of stucture and fan for furnace wall cooling.
2007 Production, delivery, and installation of clinker conveyor parts.
2007 Welding on furnace plant.
2007 Production, delivery, and installation of equipment and parts for replacement of clinker bucket conveyor.
2007 Production, delivery, and installation of safety locks.
2002. Engagement of workers and crane
2002 Design of solid fuel
2007 Manufacturing, supply and erection of spare parts and installation of safety valves.
2008 LA FARGE BFC  Beočin  Reconstruction of Monorej tracks.
2009 Lafarge BFC  Beočin Overhaul in Cement plant.
2009 Lafarge BFC  Beočin mechanical maintenance.
2009 Lafarge BFC  Beočin Cone ceiling replacement from HGG2 within BFC.
2009 Lafarge BFC works on monoray crane for cement mill 4&5.
1999. Works on roof reconstruction
2002. Manufacture of pipe rack
2002. Manufacture of piping
2002. Supply and erection of equipment
2003 F.C. AD“Novi Popovac“-Manufacture of steel prop for furnace.
2003 Cement plant AD“NOVI POPOVAC“ HOLCIM GROUP – design and works on new gas line, M5 & M7bridge dismounting, dismounting of all pipelines with M8,M9Im10 bridges, design and construction of new bridge supports.
2004 Cement plant AD“NOVI POPOVAC“ HOLCIM GROUP:Dismounting and erection of bag filters in cement mill, clinker transport from clinker silo & furnace, and cement additives transport, raw materials mills, clinker transport within furnace.
2004 Cement plant AD“NOVI POPOVAC“ HOLCIM : Dismounting of old pipeline for coal dust and pipe bridge.
2004 Cement plant AD“NOVI POPOVAC“ HOLCIM : Civ. constr., mechanical and steel structure design, supervision of local production, delivery, erection and civ. works for new loading system of bulk cement
2005 Cement plant AD“NOVI POPOVAC“ HOLCIM : Manufacture of temporary delivery line for bulk cement.
2005 Cement plant AD“NOVI POPOVAC“ HOLCIM : manufacture of supports for measuring cell parts.
2009 HOLCIM      Popovac Locksmith workers engagement
2009 HOLCIM      Popovac Lining installation in Mill 2 in FLS.
2010 Holcim Srbija d.o.o. Replacement of lining plates in Cement mills.
2011. HOLCIM Srbija- Replacement of clinker conveyor chains and replacement of cyclone inlet