Partnership with DSD Group



In 2023, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the company Goša, Goša Montaža enters the strategic partnership with the DSD Group, setting the course for the second century with the new ownership structure.
The strategic partnership between Goša Montaža and DSD Group, represented by the new trademark, reflects the image of our company, its history, and the vision of the direction in which we are heading in.


DECO doo



In 2019, the company DECO d.o.o. from Vrnjačka Banja becomes the majority shareholder of Goša Montaža and takes over the management of the company.


European Convention for Structural Steelwork Award


Most Mratinje
Most Mratinje


In 1977, for the construction of the Mratinje Bridge on the Piva, GOŠA MONTAŽA received the prestigious award EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR STRUCTURAL STEELWORK, and this project was marked as the most important in Europe that year.


Goša Montaža formed


Goša Montaža


In 1973, a working organization was formed under the current name Goša Montaža.


Repair of the destroyed Sava Bridge


Repair of the destroyed Sava Bridge


After the end of WWII, in 1945, over 2,000 tons of steel construction were retrieved from the river Sava, and the venture itself is considered to be the beginning of the GOŠA MONTAŽA era.


The first welded bridge


The first welded bridge in Yugoslavia on the Timok River near Zaječar


In 1937, the Mostogradnja Jasenice AD built the first welded bridge on the Timok River near Zaječar. A manual arc welding technique was used. To build the bridge by welding, the factory had to obtain a certificate from accredited institutions of Yugoslavia and Europe. It was a great feat at the European level.


Mastering the production of steel structures


Begining of work


The period from 1931 to 1941 can be considered as the period of mastering the production of steel structures and partially the equipment. The workers were provided with specially designed training.


Bridge Workshop


Erection of the first hall


A special workshop for the production of steel construction – a bridge workshop was built during 1930 and 1931.


Founded Jasenica ad


Jasenica ad


Goša Montaža dates back to 1923. It has started as Serbian-French joint-stock company Jasenica ad. The company operated under this name until 1949.