90 godina iskustva je utkano je svuda oko Vas




DIN EN ISO 3834-2  

EN 1090-2 – Production of steel and aluminium structures- harmonization requirements and technical requirements for steel structure execution

 EN 13445-4,EN 13480-4,EN 12952-5 ,PED 2014/68/EU- Pressure vessels production compliant to stated standards

5 welding engineers (EWE / IWE) maintain 81 welders through our own welding training center for

            111         SMAW

            135  GMAW

            136         FCAW        

            141         GTAW

            311         OWF 

Only recently, in Pančevo Oil Refinery Modernization Project, Goša Montaža erected more than 1700 tons of pipelines, welding more than 40 000 WDI (3200 m) using 141 (GTAW) procedure solely.

DIN EN ISO 3834-2.pdf

Welding Certificate