Goša Montaža is a leading company in the segment of production and erection of equipment, pipelines and all types of steel structures, in Serbia and the Western Balkans region.


With almost 100 years of experience in the erection of all types of steel structures, pipelines and equipment as well as 30 years of experience in the field of fabrication, we have gained a reputation primarily in the energy sector through construction and maintenance of equipment for hydro and thermal power plants, (surface and underground mines) mining equipment, oil and metallurgical industry.


We confirm our strategic commitment to maintain our competitive position in the market by investing in our own capacities and realize our program as a leader in the mechanical engineering sector.


The complete scope of Goša Montaža AD activities consist of:
– design and shop drawing elaboration
– fabrication of equipment, pipelines and all types of steel construction
– erection of equipment, pipelines and all types of steel construction
– overhauls, modernization, reconstruction and revitalization of the plant as part of planned and ongoing maintenance
– providing transport and mechanization services related to projects
– providing external services for renting means of transport and mechanization


We have production facilities fully equipped to function as independent production units, each with a technologically complete production process that covers an area of 14.000 m2.


Welded constructions are part of our production program. Welding operations are performed by professionally trained welders certified according to ISO 9606-2; 9606-4; under the supervision of educated personnel according to world standards and rules of the International Institute of Welding (IIW).


In accordance with the requirements of the profession and the market, the complete process from design to installation is harmonized with the generally accepted standards EN 1090-2, and welding works with the standards EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN 18800-7. We operate through an integrated management system. We are specialized in the production of pressure equipment in accordance with the European PE directive.


As part of the QA/QC Department, we are trained and certified according to EN ISO 9712 for testing welded joints by non-destructive methods. We possess international certificates for testing steel structures as well as for testing welded joints of pressure equipment (testing by visual method, magnetic particles, penetrants and ultrasound).


The base of our success are trained and professionally skilled staff, providing high quality products and services within the agreed deadlines, implementing the norms of health and safety at work and environmental protection.


Today, in energetics we enhance our competitiveness at the market, strategically approaching further development of the company using synergy of management takeover by DECO Company, and to that respect, relying on new resources and including among others, the management skills of one of leading engineering companies on the market.