One of the best ways to understand Goša Montaža is to meet our people.

Draško Volf

Draško Volf, certified TIG welder Goša Montaža, with more than 20 years of professional experience for Goša Montaža performs welding work on large hydropower, thermal power and process plants.


Continuous awards and first places in welders competitions within Goša Montaža qualified him for state competitions where he won several gold medals. Draško Volf is one of the best and mostly awarded welders in 141-TIG and 111-REL categories.


Welders give life to metal. Steady hand and commitment to job are not the only factors making successful welder – extraordinary skills, highest precision and attention are equally important.


The beauty of joining materials and creating something new conceived from the strong connection of what was sometimes considered impossible to connect in life – is the essence of the skill and craft of welding.


The essence of the welding profession is assembling material once considered as impossible to assemble and creation of new form out of it.

Dragoljub Radovanović - Modin

For the Site Manager of Goša Montaža, Mr. Dragoljub Radovanović Modin, who has rich professional experience the word has it that he is a source of inspiration for generations of fitters to come.


Thinking like an engineer and approaching work with due diligence, he selflessly shares his knowledge, trains the team entrusted to him, and shows them by his example that with great respect for work, success inevitably comes.


Each construction site entrusted to him is a paradigm of excellence, exceptionality, and an example for others. For Goša Montaža, Dragoljub Radovanović has performed works on large hydropower, thermal power, and process plants as well as bridges and building structures.

Jovan i Nikola Radovanović

One of the most prominent representatives of our company is a specialist in rotary and hydro-mechanical equipment, Jovan Radovanović.


After graduating from the Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad, Jovan continued his education. He received the title of Professional Mechanical Engineer at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak.


2003 to 2004, Jovan was appointed project manager to revitalise the Reversible Hydro Power Plant (RHE) Bajina Bašta Perućac, where the revitalization of two reversible hydro units with a capacity of 315 MV (complete dismantling, rehabilitation, and installation) has been carried out.


In 2020, a young engineer Nikola joined his team. Together with his father Jovan, Nikola is preparing the project of Revitalization of RHE Bajina Bašta for 2022 and 2023. After almost 20 years since the first engagement in the revitalization of RHE Bajina Bašta, Jovan dedicates himself to this project with his vast experience. He trains the young professional mechanical engineer Nikola.

Vlasta Ivković

Mr. Vlasta Ivković started his career at TENT B, working as a construction site manager on constructing the Nikola Tesla B thermal power plant from 1980 to 1985.


He continues his career on Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla on the overhaul of the auxiliary boiler of Units A3, A4 and B1, on Ash Handling System Erection on Units B1 and B2. He is engaged on reconstruction, revitalization and construction of the electrostatic precipitators  on thermal power plants Nikola Tesla A and Nikola Tesla b as well as on the thermal power plant Morava. He was entrusted with overhaul and maintenance works at the Nikola Tesla thermal power plant, where after retiring he continued his professional career at the TENT B facility in which construction at the first place he also participated in.


Due to his extensive experience as the Mechanical Engineer, he continues to help and support project of Goša Montaža.


Mr. Ivković is an extremely just and fair man. He is calm, empathetic, amazing personality, a role model to many colleagues from Goša Montaža. He is a great expert and therefore highly valued among employees.

Our strength is our people

Goša Montaža’s team consists of: