Goša Montaža has primarily built its reputation on important facilities in the region at energy plants, regulation and water supply facilities, thermal power plants, in the mining industry on the equipment erection for exploitation and processing of coal, in the food, process, oil and metallurgical industries.


The most important reference projects concerning erection of equipment, pipelines and all types of steel construction are part of vast erection program which includes:

  • Thermal power plant equipment,
  • Hydromechanical equipment,
  • Processing equipment,
  • Metallurgical equipment,
  • Oil industry equipment,
  • Mining equipment,
  • Other steel structure equipment

Thanks to the staff skills, experience and mechanization, one of the most represented segments of the erection program includes the installation of equipment and construction as well as the maintenance of equipment for thermal power plants.


Taking part in the projects regarding environmental protection, Goša Montaža actively participates in Thermal Power Plant modernization and revitalization by performing the works of equipment, steel structure, silos and pipelines erection.


In our country, we have participated in almost all projects of reconstruction, revitalization and construction of electrostatic precipitators and reconstruction or replacement of ash handling systems. Today, through the construction project of new flue gas desulphurization plant (FDG) in the thermal power plants Nikola Tesla A and Nikola Tesla B, Goša Montaža is the holder of mechanical works on both plants.

The hydromechanical equipment program is one of the oldest programs of Goša Montaža, where its fitters have gained enviable experience at many facilities in the country and the world. We have been installing panel valves, segmental valves, butterfly and beam valves, ship locks, gratings, tunnel linings, reversible pipelines in the tunnel and outside the tunnel, compensators, forks, transition pieces for more than five decades in facilities such as: HPP Zvornik, HPP Djerdap I and II, HPP Bajina Bašta…

In the field of equipment erection for coal exploitation and processing, we have gained many years of experience through cooperation with renowned companies such as TAKRAF, THYSSEN KRUPP, FAM, KOPEX, SANDVIK.


We have executed works on surface mines for coal mines in the country and the region – Kostolac, Kolubara, Kosovo and REK Bitola in FYR Macedonia. We are fully qualified for the erection of complete Excavator-Conveyor-Spreader Systems on surface mines.


In the most recent years we executed erection works on:

  • Spreader 12000 (SANDVIK) erection – Kolubara West Field, Erection Yard Kalenić,
  • Bucket Wheel Excavator SRs 2000 Gear replacement (TAKRAF)- TE-KO Kostolac, Open Cast Mine Drmno
  • Bucket Wheel Excavator SchRs 1400 (THYSSEN KRUPP) Erection – TE-KO Kostolac, Erection Yard Drmno

Goša Montaža played significant role within Oil Refinery Pančevo Modernization Project. Scope of works included construction and erection of pipe racks, stack flare, installation of OSBL pipelines and tank reconstruction, respecting the highest standards in the field of safety and health at work and applying the highest standards when executing the works.


As part of the reconstruction of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Reactor – FCC Reactor – DC 2301 and replacement of the thermal insulation material in the reactor, Goša Montaža performed „turnkey“ project which included replacement of separators, internal equipment and reactor cap, weighting 54 tons, with associated pipelines, lining and equipment.


In Pančevo Oil Refinery Platforming we executed the works on installation of the most modern heat exchanger performing the works on reconstruction of the Charge Heating System on S-300 Plant Catalytic Reforming PACKINOX.


Initially, as an accompanying program of hydromechanical equipment, cranes of various capacities and purposes were installed. Today, this program has been significantly expanded with numerous reconstructions, through various requirements to increase the load capacity, span, capacity, operating class.


Over the years, all types of cranes of various capacities, ranges and purposes have been erected. This program is implemented within hydro-mechanical and metallurgical equipment, as well as through equipment for thermal power plants, especially through installation on shipyards and other industrial facilities.