Responding to the requirements of plant modernization through overhaul and maintenance, Goša Montaža is a reliable partner in solving the most attractive and most difficult problems through long-term engagement in planned and ongoing maintenance, all thanks to trained and experienced experts in this field.

Unit B1 revitalization of TENT B

In the revitalization of Unit B1 of TENT B, Goša Montaža is performing erection works on the installation of a new RA stem pipelines, superheater P4, which require the highest quality of welding works, separators, as well as works on installation of combustion grate and flue gas duct expansion joints.



We are proud to highlight that we are part of the largest revitalization project of the Thermal Power Unit in Serbia, which, regarding scope of works, exceeds all former overhaul since the Unit B1 was put into operation. The scope of works undertaken by Goša Montaža is considered to be the highest responsible segment of works on the most significant part of the boiler equipment.



On the revitalization project up to 200 production workers were deployed, all of them with dedication and commitment contribute each and every day to the successful finalization of the Unit B1 Overhaul Project before the set deadline, aware of the fact that each day counts, and each day saved means a lot for the stability of the power supply system of the entire Serbia.

Thermal power plants

TENT Obrenovac

Mill and duct maintenance and reconstruction

Maintenance of the coal distribution system

Ash handling system maintenance


TEKO Kostolac

B2 unit reconstruction, electrostatic precipitators

Ash handling system replacement

Hydro power plants

Đerdap I

Turbine regulation system reconstruction

Turbine lubrication systems

Cooling transformer systems

Đerdap II

Pre turbine shutter reconstruction

Bajina Bašta

Reconstruction of all four units

Port crane overhouling

Oil Industry

Rafinerija nafte Pančevo

Fabrication and erection of steel structure (7.000 t)

Pipeline erection (1.750 t)

DEMI water system installation