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Common Values and Perseverance

We are the company with a rich history and with almost 100 years of experience

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Let's start a new project together

Production and erection of all types of steel structure, pipelines and equipment

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We are equipped to tackle most challenging tasks

Technical and personnel capacities

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Experts guarantee success

Our strength is our people, trained and professional staff providing high quality products and services

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Technical and personnel capacities

Integrated Management System, EN ISO 3834-2, EN 1090-2 EXC 4, PED 2014/68/EU

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Ongoing projects

The most current projects in the field of energetics

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Common Values and Perseverance

Unlock your skills and personal potential

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Our satisfied clients

Satisfied customers are our best recommendation

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Let's start a new project together

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Unit B1 revitalization of Thermal Powerplant Nikola Tesla B


Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant at Thermal Powerplant Nikola Tesla A


From 1923 Onwards - Please download Goša Monaža Brochure

Products and services

100+ years of experience

The name Goša Montaža represents a unique expertise in complete project implementation process through all its phases.


Goša Montaža continuously invests in its production facilities following the achievements of the most advanced steel processing technologies. FIND OUT MORE


We have built our reputation on important facilities in the region on projects for the erection of equipment, pipelines, and all other types of steel structure.


We are qualified to perform all types of welding works, both in the workshop (workshop welding) and on the construction site (site welding).

Planned and Ongoing Maintenance

Through long-term engagement in planned and ongoing maintenace we are reliable partner in solving the most attractive and most difficult problems.

Means of Transport and Mechanization

We have our own mechanization – cranes and means of transport of various capacity, for own use and rental.

Job and career

Our latest job offers for you.

Meet our team

One of the best ways to understand Goša Montaža is to meet our people.

You have a request?
We have already done something similar!

With trained staff, we consistently provide the application of advanced production technologies and ensure high quality service according to world standards that we have set ourselves as a goal.


Through a wide range of services, Goša Montaža focuses on the requirements of a satisfied client.

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