2017 Reconstruction of tank FB 0805 Pančevo
2017 Ejector gas washing on S-2200 in NIS AD RNP Pančevo
2016 Reconstruction of FCC plant in Oil Refinery Pančevo Pančevo
2016 Flare system reconstruction under KUR system Pančevo
2016 Installation of Heat Exchanger Packinox on S-300 under KUR system Pančevo
2014 Replacement of roof and floor, with floating aluminum membrane in tank FB-0712 Pančevo
2013 Plant Reconstruction FCC Reactor –DC 2301 in RN Pančevo Pančevo
2013 Purchase, delivery and installation of material and equipment and performance of works on reconstruction of FB-1801 tank and installation of floating roof, floating aluminum membrane in RNP on "turn key" basis Pančevo
2012 HIP-PETROHEMIJA Reconstruction PF section of factory PEVG Pančevo
2012 Supply of DEMI water for MHC in NIS Pančevo
2011 Erection of prefabricated isometrics of I piping Pančevo
2010 The main contract for Modernization Project of Pančevo Oil Refinery Pančevo
2007 Dismounting of existing and erection of new tanks FB-0807 and FB-0808 Pančevo
2007 Reconstruction of existing, vertical above ground tank FB-1204 Pančevo
2005 Reconstruction of vertical, cylindrical above ground floating roof tanks: FB-1504 Pančevo