2020 Construction of fuel oil tank R-3000 in TEKO B3-in Kostolac
2020 Steel structure of cooling water pumping system-TEKO B Kostolac
2019 Manufacturing and Replacement of compensators and support ducts of flue gas Kostolac
2019 Overhaul of fans Kostolac
2018 Manufacturing and delivery of parts of steel structure for TE KO-B II stage Kostolac
2018 Modernization of ash pneum. transp. pipeline equip. replacement TURBO FLOW Kostolac
2018 Modernization of airmixture canal in TEKO B Kostolac Kostolac
2016 Mechanical & electrical erection & putting into operation rotation excavator Drmno
2016 Install. of running wheel gear box P=1250KW in PK Drmno Drmno
2016 Works on OFA ducts Kostolac
2016 Slurry boiler discharge cooling system construction in ash handling system Kostolac
2015 Revitalization of excavator PKM1 with appurtenant conveyor Kostolac
2015 Purchasing and installation of equipment for replacement of ash-line according to SKO Kostolac
2015 Revitalization of excavator, spreader and belt conveyor Kostolac
2014 Works on ash handling system Kostolac
2014 NOx emission reduction Kostolac
2010 Adaptation of Unit B2 with ESP reconstruction in TEKO B Kostolac
2009 Maintenance of steel structure. Bridge T1 to T8 Kostolac
2008 Manufacture of steel pipe bridge structure M 1 Kostolac
2007 Delivery, tansport and erection of steel structure and steel silos for ash disposal system Kostolac
2006 Delivery and erection of bucket excavator SRs 2000 32/5.0 (2x670 kw) +VR92+/-10 Kostolac
2006 Reconstruction of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) A 2 Kostolac
2005 Construction of coal reception bunker of 1350t capacity and reconstruction of part of transport system for capacity of 9.000.000t/year Drmno