2021 Capital overhaul and rehabilitation TENT B Obrenovac Obrenovac
2020 Delivery and installation of construction for FDG plant-TENT B Obrenovac Obrenovac
2020 Installation of water mixture pipelines at the ash dump Obrenovac
2020 Delivery and installation of construction for FDG plant-TENT A Obrenovac Obrenovac
2019 Current and overhaul maintenance on coal supply 1 & 2 Obrenovac
2019 Mills overhaul A1-A6 TENT-A Obrenovac
2019 Current maintenance of excavator station and ESP Obrenovac
2019 Overhaul of airmixture system four verticals per unit Obrenovac
2019 Repair of coal bunker Obrenovac
2019 Installation of sealin mechanism for duct of Unit Obrenovac
2019 Slag handling machine overhaul Svilajnac
2019 Overhaul of conveyor at coal supply Svilajnac
2018 Replacement of part of duct with sealing of Unit A-3 Obrenovac
2018 Moving, lifting and transport of cargo heavier than 10 ton Obrenovac
2018 Overhaul maintenance on coal supply 1& 2 Obrenovac
2018 Current slag handling system maintenance Obrenovac
2018 Air mixture canal overhaul TENT Obrenovac
2018 Replacement of part of recirculation channels with comp.& supporting rings A4 Obrenovac
2018 Mills overhaul A1-A6 Obrenovac
2017 Overhaul of mills A4 & A5 Obrenovac
2016 Spreader erection in Kolubara Kolubara
2016 Reconstruction of part of recirculation channels o ESP in TPP Morava Svilajnac
2016 Dismounting & erection of elements EF for TPP Morava Svilajnac
2016 Production and supply of elements EF for TPP Morava Svilajnac
2015 Boiler supporting steel structure (both superstructures) of Unit A2 at TENT Obrenovac Obrenovac
2015 Replacement of CAM & coal burner in Unit A2 Obrenovac
2014 Production & supply of steel structure for spreader in Kolubara Kolubara
2014 Coal furnaces Obrenovac
2012 Dismounting - erection works on air mixture ducts in TENT-A Obrenovac
2012 DGS mill overhaul at TENT Unit A3 Obrenovac
2012 Regular & emergency maintenance of new ash handling system at TENT B Obrenovac
2012 TENT B Combustion screen overhaul Obrenovac
2011 Additional works on ESP at TENT B2 Obrenovac
2011 Dismounting-erection works on 3 DGS on mill at TENT Unit A4 Obrenovac
2011 Mechanical erection of ESP B2-Rafako S.A. Obrenovac
2011 Overhaul of conveyors in B1 & B2 Obrenovac
2011 Dismounting-erection on ESP at TENT B2 Obrenovac
2011 Regular & emergency maintenance in TENT-B Obrenovac
2010 Replacement of pipeline HDPE L-2 around trough II in ash depot Obrenovac
2010 Works on ESP reconstruction at Unit A6 Obrenovac
2010 Manufacture & erection of compensating rings within overhaul of Unit A-6 Obrenovac
2010 Dismounting & erection of ESP floor on Unit A6 Obrenovac
2010 Mechanical erection of ESP at Unit A6 Obrenovac
2009 A6 Boiler overhaul Obrenovac
2009 Mechanical maintenance (coal trans., rec. channels, slurry channels) Obrenovac
2008 Vreoci Erection of 5 drive stations Obrenovac
2008 A5 ESP equipment reconstruction at TENT Obrenovac
2008 Mechanical erection of ash handling system at TENT B Obrenovac
2008 Mechanical maintenance of coal feeders, ducts, air ducts, mill plants, scrapers Obrenovac
2007 TENT- Unit A4 – Dismounting of the existing el. filter: steel structure, equipment and bearing steel structure, erection of new structure and equipment Obrenovac
2007 Unit A4 –overhaul of accessory boiler plants Obrenovac
2006 Unit A1 - erection of new structure and equipment, erection RAFAKO made equipment as per special contract, delivery and erection of thermal insulation, for modificaiton and repair of eletric filter Obrenovac
2005 Boiler lining at TENT Unit A2 Obrenovac
2005 Mechanical works at TENT Unit B5 Obrenovac
2005 Dismounting of old and erection of new electric filter A2 Obrenovac
2005 Capital overhaul and rehabilitation at TENT Unit A5 Obrenovac